randomness of morning sickness

its nearly 11pm and I am feeling utterly foul, so I just made some vegemite on toast to sort the problem out, the other night at 3am it was peanut butter sandwiches, I get hungry and sick at the same time and eating toast seems to be a good way to sort it out....

Morning sickness is such a stupid name for it really, ok I do feel sick most mornings, but also at teatime, at night time or when I open the fridge to get the milk out time.... its stupid and so frustrating when it hits. I am lucky though, a friend who is 8 weeks a head of me has hypermeisis so has been unable to eat much for the last two months, so I should stop complaining and its not like I haven"t done this 3 times already so really I do know how to stop feeling worse etc, but its seeming harder this time, possibly because I am already tired from having three kids.

In other interesting developments, Miss K has gone to Auckland for the weekend, its very exciting for her and shes gone with her Grosspapa and Uncle to stay at her Aunty's with her fave cousin. L was devastated that K went away, but its great for her to have a safe adventure with family and to spread her wings a wee bit. Its odd though for us, as we have only had 2 or 3 nights without her since she was born. Its strange how little time that they havent been with one or the other of us since we had them, for K and L it would be around a week all up, O has yet to spend a night without Ben or I around.


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