v8 supercars

I have been a racing fan since I was little, I love the sound of the V8's and enjoy watching it. What I dont get though is the scantily clad women used for advertising, dancing in provocative ways... what is the relevance at all? Do companies think men are so simple that they need sexy women to turn them on before they watch cars race? I also wonder this when it comes to advertising on TV.... the lastest example of not relevent I can think of are the coke zero ads.

The coke ads are supposedly aimed at men who think it will make them look hot and attractive to sexy women covered in cream and chocolate sauce. I know I arent the dempgraphic that this ad is aimed at but I dont get the dumbing down of advertising that makes out men are thick and will drink a product cos it will make them look sexy.

I also dont get half naked men used to advertise chocolate biscuits... it doesnt make me want to go buy toffee pops because it showed half naked men fawning over a "normal" woman.

Maybe I am too PC on this one, but it does bother me the dumbing down of advertising, and the use of scantily clad women as crowd pleasers at V8 races.


Puerhan said...
April 21, 2009 at 7:46 AM

I don't think it is about being PC really. I mean it is just ridiculous these days how sexualised everything is and the effect this has on children as well as adults. I mean even with the best intentions, clearest mind and strongest will power, if you are endlessly bombarded with images and messages of a particular focus, it will have an effect on your mind, and from there all other aspects of you...!

And this has nothing to do with being prudish or having an issue with sexuality! There is an appropriate and fun place for it, as with all aspects of life, it need not dominate everything though.

Guess all the advertising people are running out of ideas on how to sell stuff to people who simple don't need any of it! :-)

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