feeling tired

tonight I feel knackered, I am so tired, I had a good sleep last night but I just feel worn out this evening. I have had a busy last two days though so maybe some of it is just that I have done a bit more than normal.

Today I took Miss L out to get her kindy and good sandals for summer, we also went to a cafe for lunch and to visit her godmother, it was nice and I managed to do some of it without crutches, which was nice, made me feel good to be able to move without them.

I did the same yesterday with Miss K, but we went to BK for food, and to the Midwife as well, its been nice having that one on one time that I dont always get with my girls, its one of the downfalls I have found in having 3 children. I get lots of O time, but very little with K esp during term time, I might have to start making more of an effort, but we do go to girls brigade together which is her and my thing at the moment.

anyway feeling zapped, early night for me


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