decision made

I came up with a compromise on Tuesday, miss K and I will go with my Midwife to have a look around delivery suite next week so she knows where Ben and I will be, we can show her things and let her see for herself that we are going to be ok.

I have decided that as much as I love her and think she could handle it that I dont want her to see me in that position so she can stay home and come up as soon as bubs is born. Ben has decided that he is going to deliver the baby with some guidance from our midwife so neither of us would be able to give her support either so to me its best that she stays at home.

I am excited that Ben wants to be so involved this time, it was hard to get him to even cut the cord with K, so its really neat that he wants to help birth this baby. We got to play with a plastic pelvis and a baby doll to see how it will all work etc.

Bubs is still sitting really low, my hips are getting worse and I have insomnia as well which isnt helping... we had our midwife visit yesterday and we are now down to weekly ones until bubs is born which is very cool. its only 26 sleeps now till due date, and we are hoping that we dont get there, my midwife said that the dates are a week out anyway so it hopefully wont happen. D


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