I have survived

I knew I would, I just didn't particularly want to have to. The kids have been pretty good, no huge meltdowns from them or me, O had a small one at church but it was more that he was bored than from anything else.

I let Miss K sleep with me last night which was nice, it was like having an electric blanket on all night, no wonder she biffs her duvet off to go to sleep.

They are all settled and in bed for the night which is nice, so its just me and bump sitting here in the silence. Bump is trying to see if my ribs will stretch any further and if my bladder makes a goo trampoline, its quite strange in some ways you just see these random movements under my tshirt, and it does make you wonder whats going on in there.

Its quite funny see other peoples reactions to it too, I was out at a friends this afternoon and bubs was moving about and she was like oh its an alien... maybe I should wear looser tops lol so its not so conspicuous.

School holidays finished today, its been a pity that the weather has been so gross, we have only managed a couple of trips to the park because its been so yucky. the girls seem to be looking forward to going back though, possibly more that they can see their friends than the actual place.



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