I am from Southland....

last night Southland won the Ranfurly Shield for the first time in 50 yrs... this is fabulous, it wasn't a great game of rugby but we won so I am celebrating.

Southland is one of the provinces of NZ and we are often hassled for the way we speak, Southlanders have a tendency to roll our RRRRRs, which means we have a more Scottish accent than other NZers. I still roll my rrr's and I haven't lived in Southland since I was 17, I love though that my wee girls do and they have never lived there at all, but a year living with Grandma and Grandad saw that they have a good accent.

Southland is the southern most province in NZ, it was settled by Scots, so many names down there have Scottish origins, Its the gateway to the natural beauty of Fiordland and to Stewart Island. I miss it, but know that I will never live down there again.

Last night my facebook page had updates from all over the place from Ex pat southlanders celebrating our victory, it was fabulous to see, and quite neat to see how many of my friends are still southlanders at heart. Obviously we can move away but home is still special.



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