its november

wow, its due date month, a bit scary really but I was laying in bed last night with Ben and bubs was going nuts movement wise and he said that he just wants to meet it now... I am with him on this, it feels like its taken forever to get to this stage.

Bubs is niggling away, which is good means things should be easier for the birth, but its frustrating when you are uncomfy.

I am taking miss K up to delivery suite after school so she can see where Bubs will be born, Paula is going to meet us up there so she can answer miss K's questions about it.

I also have to organise a small 2nd birthday for mr O, his birthday is the 20th so I am hoping to avoid having bubs too close to his birthday, I havent even thought about a present for him either, better get on to that soon otherwise I will forget or have to rush.



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