pissed off at celebs.....

I was reading tvnz's site today and came across an article that said Heidi Klum doesn't wear maternity clothes cos shes too fashionable, and has to always look good. Well hello some of us don't have the choice to just buy bigger clothes to hide our bumps, some of us at 7 months pregnant are big and need clothes that cover our bumps but don't make us look even huger by fitting badly everywhere else.

It really annoyed me as its hard enough feeling great about your body shape when pregnant without having the media say that maternity clothes aren't fashionable... well maybe instead of bitching about maternity clothes they could design some that don't make you look like you are massive or that have some design to them... having said that Pumpkin Patch and Egg maternity do a great line of maternity clothing they just don't cater for those over a size 18.

I am actually quite annoyed about this sort of media portrayal that pregnancy is only for the skinny beautiful people.... or that breastfeeding is sexual in some way..... it doesn't help any of us when these images are what is portrayed to us in the media, maybe I should be less sensitive about it but I do get annoyed with the images we are shown and the lack of reality to some of them. I happen to quite like my pregnant belly and I have no problem with breastfeeding so stop trying to make us feel bad because we don't want to conform to the medias ideals.



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