lovely sunny day with family

we have had a beautiful day here, its like spring which is so nice, I actually rode my bike for the first time in months which was great but not good for the SPD. Some friends took K down to school to play on the new fitness trail, so once L came home from the market I took her down on her bike too....

L had her first go on K's old bike without trainer wheels which was very exciting for her. K is getting really confident on her new 20" bike, she was confident enough to bike on the road which is very cool.

We had lunch outside with friends, fresh homemade lemonade, and pikelets with jam and cream, yummy, it was nice to eat outside and enjoy our new backyard.

I have made myself a nice preggy skirt today, its black cotton with whit embroidery and a nice stretchy Lycra waistband so I can wear it for quite a while yet.

So its been a lovely start to our weekend, Ben is cooking roast chicken for tea so should be more nice food.



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