angry, angry, angry

yep I am angry, dunno specifically what at, but its there simmering away under the surface. Well I do know some of why I am angry, one reason is that Ben gave away a coffee table that was given to me as a kid and i have searched the op shops and cant find it.... so that's one grrrr........

the second is that I have bloody crutches to use to try to stop my spd getting worse, and i am angry that I have to use them, and that I am only 25 weeks pregnant so looking at 15 weeks of trying to wrangle crutches and a 20 month old child. Yep very angry about that one. I don't know what to do about pain relief as most medications are contraindicated for pregnancy, I am thinking about trying a tens machine, or accupuncture or even osteopathy at the moment.

mainly though I just feel angry at myself today.


cesca said...
August 12, 2009 at 7:09 PM

Cripes, I feel angry on your behalf. SPD sucks, and I only had it for about a week, at the very end. It was a sucky week though!

And if my husband gave away something of mine I'd be VERY angry.

Don't feel angry at yourself, sounds like it's all out of your control.

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