over it

sorry for not posting for a few days, I have been feeling really yucky, first we thought it was a uti, then maybe its my SPD playing up, who knows... I spent 4 hrs at the hospital last night being poked and tested but all we can find is elevated white blood cell count.... its all very difficult and I am finding that I just am sick of having a sore tummy, sore back and feeling very tired.

I am now 24 or 25 weeks so hopefully this baby will be born in around 15 or so weeks. We are having a couple of issues as to due date, but have decided that we will go with the 24th which was O's due date too.... My midwife isn't too worried about dates though unless I go over due which is a possibility but one that we are not too bothered about. She has suggested that I start taking evening primrose oil from 36 wks which helps with getting things ready for birth. With being at hospital for so long yesterday it was good as I was able to talk to her about bits and pieces, like if this baby is breech that I want to try a vaginal delivery first, I don't want a c section unless absolutely necessary.

The two Ob/gyn that I saw last night were two who did my ectopic pregnancy emergency which was good as they already knew what had happened... they were pleased that I was pregnant again and impressed at how quickly considering I lost part of a tube.

Anyway enough rambling about this all. d


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