home ownership part 2

We have had an appraisal done on this house.... so are just waiting to have a wee look around before selling it.

We have looked at one house which i really like... ben likes it too but wants to look at other houses in the area. the bnz were really good to talk to and we will probably go with them for a mortgage. its all a bit scary in some ways.... feels very scary to be looking at over $200k of debt, but then we are lucky palmy isnt as expensive as other parts of nz.

we are hoping to move closer to K's school and L's kindy, I will be doing double pick ups or drop off for the next 4 years so being closer would be good.

We are a bit unsure about what sort of price to offer, how much under QV to go etc..... any advise would be great....

love D


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