christmas was awesome

We had a lovely time, our parents all got along and the kids were spoilt. We had great food, nice presents and great company.

We spent boxing day pulling out the front fence, its the old concrete from the driveway that the previous owners stacked up and grew plants all over... so now its gone and will be grass instead.

We are waiting for a real estate agent to come today to give us a market appraisal for the property and Ben and I are off to a bank to see how much we will be able to borrow etc. We are hoping to move closer to school and into a better area. We dont like the amount of traffic that cuts across our driveway as it leaves the school/swimming pool, and its only going to get worse when the council changes the parking here.

its exciting to be looking at buying our own home... we are still trying to work out exactly what we are looking for but its going to be good to know figures finacially for doing it.



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