bad drivers

now I dont mean the ones that dont indicate to turn or anything Like that , I mean the irresponsible idiots who do not put children in carseats and let them sit in the car totally unrestrained. I saw one of these idiots today and dobbed them in. there was a small child standing up on the backseat looking all around whilst the car was being driven.

this so pisses me off. its so dumb. using carseats to protect children seems to be a bit of a no brainer to me, when we were little it wasnt compulsory, but children died being thrown through car windscreen or were seriously injured.

How hard is it to put them in a seat and do up the clip so that if you crash they are less likely to be seriously injured.

yes carseats are expensive to buy, but you can hire them from plunket and other groups, or you can borrow them from family and friends if necessary.

for me there is no excuse. children should be protected by us as they cant do it for themselves.


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