cant be bothered..

I am supposed to be packing to head south tomorrow, and my motivation is zero... I have made a list of what we need to take, and thats about as far as I have gotten.

We are heading south for my grandmas 80th birthday, tomorrow night we will stay in chch, then Dad will pick us up on thursday and take us to Oamaru, on Friday we will drive to Invercargill, and all go out for tea with Granny. On Sunday we will head back to Oamaru, then on wednesday drive to chch then fly to wlg then drive home... man it all looks nuts when written down like that, and perhaps it is, but i only have one grandparent left so I am willing to do this for her birthday.

The girls are really excited about it, they love seeing my parents, but I think Aunty Becca (my sister) is more excited about seeing her kids than they are about seeing everyone. thats one drawback of living in the north island.

So I had better get my unmotivated butt into gear and get packed to go south.

ps... i survived the night with the inlaws... as per usual I didnt get spoken to very much by mil, but then I didnt go out of my own way to talk to her, did talk to my fil though which was really nice.


puerhan said...
December 3, 2008 at 10:06 AM

"I think Aunty Becca (my sister) is more excited about seeing her kids"


She has children now?

Azlemed said...
December 12, 2008 at 5:16 PM

no kids for becca... she just claims mine as hers, not that that makes sense when written down.. i think i meant to say more excited about seeing her neices and nephew.

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