random update

The trip south....

We had a great trip to invers and back... my home town is still pretty much the same as it was when I left 14 yrs ago. It was awesome to catch up with family and to get some new pics of everyone. We stayed with my cousin Sam and her hubby which was really cool. Sam was one of my junior bridesmaids when we got married.

We managed a day trip into mount cook which was fab. was a bummer that it rained but was still worth the trip, we got to look around Beccas work and went to the tasman glacier lake.

On our way back we called into parliament and saw Iain at work. was great to catch up with other mps that we know and Katja got to meet Helen Clark which made her day.

The hair saga is over, I have had some brown streaks added to the top section of hair, and blonde added to the brown, so now its looking really nice and I am happy with it/

I am off to wellington to Tuesday night to attend a landmark thing for my Father in law, its nice to be asked to do something for him,

I still havent got much xmas shopping done, but am feeling more christmaslike after attending the childrens service at church this morning. We have got my father in law and my parents coming up which will be so cool.



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