just a quick post

I have been to a different hairdressers today, I've had a toner put through the blonde, and about 3 inches cut off my hair, its looking better, and i think i will cope till january when I can start making the dark hair lighter.

On the saga of the old hairdressers, i rung them yesterday asking for my money back as I wasnt happy with the process etc... they said they would get back to me, which they did this morning.... well to say I am pissed off is being polite, i was pretty much told that it was my fault for getting the colour and beat this that they should have charged me more... wtf?

So I have decided that I will never step foot inside that hairdressers again...

ps on other stuff.. k has moved up two levels for her sight words, L is sticking to her teenage girlfriends like glue (its very cute) and O is sick again (tonsilitis this time)

pps.... we are off to invers next week.... will be fun get to see family and my grandma is turning 80, that is if i survive this weekend in wellington with bens family


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