return to normality...

after election day we will resume normal broadcast lol.... We are still doing stuff with the kids and enjoying new things, K was reading me her story from school the other day, it was so cute a bit of a change from me reading to her.

L is finally interacting more at kindy, she was a bit reserved but has a wee friend who she plays with most days, her wee friend has a wee bro who plays with O, its all very cute,

O is beginning to walk from one thing to another, not very far but its a start, hes one in a fortnight, I am thinking that a tonka truck will be a good toy, or some large toy cars, he pushes lots of stuff around the floor lately, its so neat. hes quite a clown at time, hes been blowing raspberries lately and just cracks up if we do them back....

They are all getting on really well, I was unsure whether three in just over four years would work, but so far we are surviving and enjoying them.

We are hoping to get away camping this summer, will be good fun as we havent been away in our tent for nearly 2 years.

So hopefully this brings us up to date for now.....

love D


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