the morning after

We kept our seat which was an awesome thing considering the swing to the right, We have worked really hard for this so it was something good in a night of sadness.

I am feeling sad that the country has voted national in, but this is a democracy albeit a very immature one. I am also sad that Helen is no longer the leader of the labour party. I have a lot of respect for her and admire her a lot... poor wee K cried when I told her she wasnt our PM anymore.

I have learnt alot this campaing, the main thing being that I am still very much passionate about being Labour and about politics, Mum asked me this morning if this meant a political career once the kids are older and to be honest that doesnt sound too bad.

So we now return to our normal life, back to the normal routines and housework etc which will start again tomorrow, for today we savour the small victory that was ours in winning this seat by going out to lunch with our new Mp and his lovely family.


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