I am feeling flat, unmotivated and generally uninspired, I have started doing my housework, but just dont feel like doing much really... its the flat that happens after a huge buzz or emotionally tiring time so I arent too bothered by it, a couple of days and I will be back to normal, today is just a day to think about what our plans our and what the next three years will bring, we are looking at jobs, houses etc, I have finally decided that Palmy isnt that bad so maybe I should make more of a go of it living here.

its also a kindy day so I might go for a walk with lil man while L is at kindy. L is currently listening to a winnie the pooh story on cd, she loves it and the two my little pony ones we have, shes just about memorised the whole things.

The poor kids all have colds too which isnt very nice, but we have gotten used to that really, its just part of having three kids.



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