Monday, Monday

and the words to that song often  goes around in my head on a monday morning when I am trying to catch up on things, but this morning I have hung out washing and am about to start tidying the living room, its so warm though that I have got the air con going....

And this afternoon I get to go to breastfeeding group which will be really good, I love going to it, and am proud that I have gotten bubs to 12 months breastfed with no formula or bottles at all, yay, so 2/4 have been breastfed till 12 months, L I got to 11 months, and K to 10 months with formula supplementing the breastfeeding.... to have continued feeding after the disasterous start I had with K is awesome, I had cracked nipples, blisters, mastitis requiring hospitalisation, latching issues, just major mountain to climb, and now its just so easy, I am really proud of my breastfeeding journey and think I am lucky to have had great support to have gotten this far with it.



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