the end is near...

yay, Ben has a date for submission of his PhD, yahoo.... its the 10th of Jan... still hanging over us for
Xmas but that's OK a date is good.

So our plans are head south on the 18th of December, he will stay in Christchurch till Christmas and study and I will take the kids south to my parents. We will all go camping between Christmas and New years then Ben will head back to Christchurch to study and submit the PhD and I will stay with Mum and Dad... then we will all head home, yay.

I am happy that we know when its all got to be finished by, hes working such crazy hours that he will be so tired once its all done. But hopefully it will be worth it, well I am hoping it is.



Deborah said...
November 16, 2010 at 10:18 PM

hes working such crazy hours that he will be so tired once its all done

This would be known as the thesis-finishing-frenzy, and it is a very common phenomenon. I watched my husband do it. I didn't do it myself, because I was pregant with twins, but my days were full of intense effort, just getting the wretched thing finished.

Jan 10 will be a happy day.

Demelza said...
November 16, 2010 at 10:56 PM

its nuts, he works till around 3 or 4am then is up for 7:30am, hes stayed late at work tonight so that he didnt have the dinner/bedtime routines to deal with, am just looking forward to being able to do things together as a family again...

Jan 10 will be great, still got the defense and stuff too though...

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