walking to school and back

the best thing about where we live (other than that we own it) is that we are on the same street as school, our house is number 7 school is number 41, so we are very close and on the same side of the road.

We walk to school and back three times a day due to kindy finishing at 12:30 and then picking miss K up at 3pm.... well its taken a few weeks but today she walked home (well scootered actually) by herself, she knew not to take the small shortcut and use the loop in the road. I am really proud of her, shes only 6. She seemed very proud of herself when she got home too... it was great because she gets to develop self confidence, and be aware of her surroundings, we have talked to her about not talking to people she doesnt know, not stopping and just walking home to us.

It also means that I can move O's sleeps to the afternoons and he wont have to be woken every day to go get one of his sisters from school or kindy.

Its neat that shes growing up and getting to experience things that a lot of children dont get to because of distance or other circumstances that mean they are taken to and from school.


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