Tricky social situation

I call on you my readers (if I have any) to help me with suggestions on how to deal with a tricky social situation that has occurred.

WE asked Miss K who she would like to come to her birthday later this month, first it was her whole class.. we convinced her that wasnt happening, next we said 4 friends... so she named them a b c d... miss A is not a possiblity due to her mum and I not being on speaking terms at all... we were once friends but that has long since disappeared, the two girls are at school together, girls brigade and church. Its not an easy situation to handle but I havent had to face this yet.

So do we blanket say no miss A cant come, or explain why she cant come, or do we invite her?

Help invited please


Deborah said...
July 2, 2009 at 8:08 PM

Yes, it is tricky, but if Miss A is one of Miss K's friends, then I think you should just suck it up, and invite her. All the adults can be terribly polite, and let the children have their fun. And that's better than the adults expressing their distaste for each other through the children.

We have had to do this too. We survived, and in time, the children's friendship faded. They can be very ephemeral at this age.

Alternatively, how far away is this birthday? Is it possible to wait a week or so and see if Miss K has changed her mind?

Azlemed said...
July 2, 2009 at 9:00 PM

the birthday isnt till the 22nd of July, the girls isnt one of her closest friends but is someone that she likes... we have the school holidays to mull it over.

I am wavering on it, I just dont want to cause issues, I am quite happy for them to play at school etc but just not sure about the girl coming here when her mum wont even be polite to me....

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