my Eldest child is 6 today

wow, we have made it this far, yay. K is 6, sometimes I look at her and wonder how shes grown up so much and how beautiful she is. Shes an awesome person and I am glad shes my daughter.

We got her a new bike and backpack, the bike is a 20" with gears so a bit of a step up for her, but shes very excited that shes got a big bike....

I can still remember really well the day I gave birth to her. The day before we had thought it was going to happen so Ben stayed home for the day and we watched NZ win the Netball world cup. I talked lots to Mum on the phone and was really excited. That evening we went up to the hospital because I hadn't had the required 10 kicks and got monitored, (thats the night I met my current midwife).

The next day I just snoozed, and mucked around wondering if "baby" would make an appearance before my Mums surgery the next morning. I had another day of not getting enough movement so organised to meet my Midwife at the hospital at 8:15pm. Around 8pm we checked some stuff online and I had my first contraction, we met our Midwife as organised, and after monitoring on the CTG we decided that it was all go, by this time Ben and I started thinking that baby would be born on due date. But that wasn't to be...

K was born at 10:17pm, just over 2 hrs after my first contraction. It was all very fast and now when I look back it seems a bit too quick in some ways. Unfortunately I had a huge hemorrhage after I had her and ended up in theatre which wasn't great. K was small for being on time and on the 23rd she went to neonates for treatment for jaundice and being cold. It was a bit scary as all my family were in Dunedin with Mum.

It was great that she was born on the 22nd, Mum knew she had a Granddaugther before she had her heart surgery and had seen pictures of her.

So thats a rough birth story of how we had our wee girl....D


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