quiet weekend at home

We have had a relatively quiet weekend here which has been a nice way to start the holidays, yesterday Ben made us pikelets for breakfast, I did a sausage sizzle fundraiser for Girls brigade, we just generally mucked around the house.

Today I have managed to sort our living room out which is great, its actually normal looking and has more furniture than just a couch, tv, and camp chairs.Tomorrow I think I might attack the kitchen and/or the washing, the rain puts a dampener on getting washing dry.

I also need to look at packing to head south on Thursday. But for now I am enjoying one sorted room, the smell of chicken roasting and relative quiet as the kids watch Postman Pat.

The only bad bit has been that Mr O is sick, hes got a temp and in very clingy, turns out he has a chest infection, poor wee thing totally explains why hes miserable.



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