The new house

We are slowly getting settled in, I am loving not using the car everyday to take the girls to kindy or school, its nice to just put O in the Mountain buggy and walk them down to school or kindy.

I have put drapes up in most of the rooms, just ours and the kitchen left to sort out. I havent got a sewing machine at the moment so I arent able to make the blinds yet.

We managed to get our room painted though before we shifted our furniture into it so its looking nice and fresh. The living room is still a work in progress but it will be done hopefully over the next few weeks.

I am slowly catching up on the washing etc that needs done, and we have had a few frosty days in a row which has been great for drying clothes outside.

We have gotten rid of all our old crockery and cups etc which has been great, its nice to be using the new dinnersets that we got.

I am now on the lookout for a smaller microwave as ours takes up half of our benchtop which isnt good. I will keep looking on Trademe and see what I can find, I am also looking for a gate to go across the driveway so that we can keep Mr O in the backyard.

We are enjoying living here its a nice quite street which is a change after being by a swimming pool and sports grounds,



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