naming baby

I am nearly 18 weeks pregnant with this baby, and have been thinking about names for it, the girls name is sussed, we will just use the name we had chosen for Mr O. Natalya Kerenza, it goes nicely with the other names of our children, but I am really really struggling to find a nice boys name for bump, we like the idea of using Rata as a middle name, Rata is a native tree. But I want a name that is strong, not too traditional but not so far out there that people say wtf were you thinking.

We also like to have the name chosen before I give birth. I dont beleive that you name the baby on how it looks to you, to me they grow into their names, I have certainly grown into my own one, my Mum's theory is that you are an adult for far longer than you are a child so you need a name that reflects that.

So the hunt for a name is on...


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