Breastfeeding vs formula feeding

I have done both so have no set line on one which is better, but I do know that for me I prefer breastfeeding my babies, K was bottle and breastfed, L breastfed until 11 months, and O was exclusively breastfed till 6 months then continued feeding till 14 months.

Lauredhel has an interesting blog on discrimination against breastfeeding that women face. I read this and thought about it a bit and knew I had to link to it. People do think that they can comment on you breastfeeding your child in public, especially once the child is over 1 yr old. Breasts are made for breastfeeding, they arent sexual property in this case. Women should be supported in which ever way they decide to feed their child, we are all mothers together and need to remember this instead of allowing people to make us feel crap about the job we are doing.


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