undermining breastfeeding

breast or bottle? the debate continues.... I just read an article on stuff and it made me feel sad.... http://www.stuff.co.nz/4681127a19716.html Only 11% of american babies are exclusively breastfed till 6 months.

I wonder what the %s are like here. I didnt exclusively feed my eldest, she had formula and breast, number two had breast till 9 months then some formula too.... number three has been exclusively breastfed on demand, and still hasnt taken formula.

I arent hugely one way or the other on this, but 11% seems like a very small number of women who are being supported in breastfeeding to get to 6 months, WHO recommends breastfeeding till at least 12 months.

I realise its about mothers choice etc, but giving out free formula samples cannot be a good way to encourage new mums to breastfeed....

Anyway rant over....


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