Suffrage day... 115 yrs on

Womens suffrage day is a great way to remember the privilage that we have in being able to vote for our own government, around the world many people still do not have this as a right, in other countries such as zimbabwe exercising this right can lead to death.

It makes me thankful for the women who worked so hard to win this right for us. therefore we need to be mindufl of our rights with an upcoming election, people need to enrol to vote, I think along the lines of no vote no whinging about the govt... if you havent exercised your right then you dont get to grumble about something you could have had a say on.

I read an article on stuff this morning which made me think about equality between the sexes, recently a survey was done on equality, and only 24% of women think that women are not equal to men in society, I would be one of those 24%, being a women is still harder in this country.

The whole concept of a career and children doesnt work for many women, Women are still paid less, and work in more care related areas.

I dont think a change in government will help women at all. It certainly wont help me as an at home mum to three children. Working for families makes a difference to us, that difference means I am able to stay at home and parent our children, without this money I would need to look at returning to the workforce, probabley into a low paid job to help us survive. I could work as a teacher but I find it very stressful and difficult, esp with coming home to my littlies.

Thank you to Kate sheppard and the rest of the Suffragettes, I will excercise my right to vote on November the 8th.



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