election time

Ok, so by now some of you will have guessed that I am a labour supporter.
Well actually I am a labour party member so this time of the election cycle means lots of work for very few people. I used to go out campaigning hard etc, but the advent of three wee kids have curbed this quite a lot, so this election I will be doing my work by talking to people that I know about our policies and how they will help NZers....

I must admit though that I dont want to watch any tv coverage at the moment as it seems very onesided, its all about how we need a change.... what utter crap. we need to keep building on the social improvements that have been made and keep working to make our country a better place to live for all of us, not just the elite few who earn big bucks.

anyway, I am looking forward with hope that a centre left coalition will come out of the election.



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