pro choice blogswarm

Some awesome feminist writers I know are all blogging about Abortion today, I suggest that you go and read their posts. Try The Hand Mirror, A bee of a certain age, a touch of the crazy for starters, THM has a list of others who have blogged on this too....

I am pro choice, I personally though would not choose to have an abortion, its not something that I would do, but I do not want to project my own moral stance on to every woman that may need to have one. Its about choice, its about our bodies, and about us making the decision that suits us at the time we are making that decision.

I have 3 daughters, I like to hope/wish that they will never be in the position of deciding about continuing a pregnancy or not, but if they are in that situation I hope things will have changed enough so that they not have to convince Dr's that  they are mentally incapable of continuing a pregnancy, and that abortion will be considered a health issue not a part of the crimes act.

It is about choice, it is about having abortion available and it is about women having autonomy over our own bodies, carrying a pregnancy is difficult, I know I have had 5 (1 loss). The physical toll of those pregnancies will stay with me, its not something I would want to go through with because I had no choice in the matter....

I would suggest that you go read the above blogs, their posts are awesome and make lots of sense, mine is more to bring attention to the matter on World Health Day and its an election year, so bring this issue to the attention of MP's and candidates.


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