new skates

I ordered some skates about 3 weeks ago and they arrived yesterday, I was like a wee kid at Christmas, I have got some Riedell Vixens, with red flat out radar wheels and red laces. I was so excited that I went out to the rink for a skate last night on them and I am in love.

They are lighter than the hire ones, and I can actually turn in them, I need to relearn how to stop etc though as they are looser in the trucks so they move nicer but will take a wee bit for me to get use to them.

I have had awesome service from Trudy at onewoman eight wheels and she came out to drop them off to me and met me at the rink to tune them up a bit too... shes awesome.

My skates are possibly a bit much for me at the moment but I decided it was better to get the best I could afford so that I am not having to look at buying new ones in 8 months time because I have improved etc.

love D


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