is it s a luxury...

I have decided lately that its great that we live so close to our school that there is no point what so ever in driving my girls to school. Its lead me to wonder though if that is a luxury or not.... We chose to move into our school zone so our children has automatic entry and we bought our house on the same street as school for convenience and because it was the right price.

What I also wondered was if what was normal for me of walking to and from school with out Mum was now not the norm for most kids... it was one of the factors in our shifting house too that we the girls be able to have some Independence in getting themselves either too or from school some days, Miss K loves being able to walk home with Miss L, I don't let them walk alone, they must be together. Its also nice that a lot of other children around us walk too.. and this morning I was able to get our neighbour to walk Miss L to school as Miss K is home sick.

Another advantage of our living so close to school and kindy is that I now use 1 tank of petrol a fortnight, which is half of what we were using when we had to drive to school. We did choose though to not send Miss K to our closest school when she started school as we intended to shift to the area we now live in.

Its also great that Ben is able to bike to and from work too, its a nuisance to do buses from our place as you have to go right into town then out to Massey, and he can bike the 7km in about 20 minutes which at peak times is quicker than driving there.



Puerhan said...
December 8, 2010 at 10:20 AM

It's great, I think it is definitely a wise choice to move close to key locations - i.e. school & work - as you have done.

Oil / Petrol prices are not going to come down long term, they are only going to keep on going up. Plus it's good for the environment to drive less, and good for health to walk and cycle more. And brilliant that the children can gain some independence, so totally totally necessary in today's over protective, risk-averse society!

Demelza said...
December 10, 2010 at 10:33 PM

Thanks E. its nice to feel like part of our community more too, when you are walking to and from school you get to interact with your neighbours and other school parents a lot more which I really enjoy

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