that wasnt much of a post

but I just had to share how gorgeous miss N is... A friend took some gorgeous photos of her and mr O today, they are just lovely, and make me realise how blessed we are to have 4 amazing healthy children.

Its funny how people see different ones of our kids in each other.... there are expressions or looks that each of them has that is unique but they all have a oneness too, they have a look that unifies them as siblings, its very cool, and it amazes me at time how people comment that they look alike, but shouldnt they when they have the same parents? maybe its just me, but I kind of expect them to look similar in some way, it might be because my sister and I look similar or something. Anyway I have added a photo of my gorgeous youngest babies who look similar but unique and I am totally in love with them, over the weekend I will get some of my two big girls together too and of them all together. They are all amazing wee people and I am truely blessed to be part of their lives


aZZa said...
June 1, 2010 at 10:43 PM

Very true, I really like the way you put that. They are unique, yet they do share a "oneness".

Kids are great!

Azlemed said...
June 1, 2010 at 10:48 PM

they are amazing, they add a whole new dimension to who you are as a person. the oneness is genetic, the uniqueness is from the experiences they will have and the nurture they recieve and give

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