I just read a blog post about the term babywearing being insulting to babies... I don't think it is... to me it implies a way of life where carrying you baby in a sling , carriers, piece of cloth is normal, that keeping baby close is important and helps with bonding, and makes life easier for parent/carer and for bubs.

Its like its a movement that promotes baby's wellbeing and happiness... maybe it could be termed something else, but what? baby slinging sounds bad.... and I cannot think of other names for using a sling.

I love wearing my baby in her sling, its nice to have her close, shes contented when in the sling, shes happy and that's one of the main reasons I do it. Its great for bonding, for breastfeeding, for having free hands to look after my other kids... I am a convert, babywearing is awesome.


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