I'm Back.....

sorry its been a busy week, and I have neglected my writing of posts.... I have had my sister here and its been so nice just hanging out together. I miss having her close, its 10 yers now since we last lived in the same place, ages really, and I miss doing ordinary things with her. I miss hanging out with my Mum and Dad too, but I am lucky as we are heading south fror the school holidays next month, yay 2 weeks in the South Island, my Granny is coming to visit us at Mum and Dads so she can see her great grandchildren and meet Miss N.

Its the longest that I have ever not gone south, it will have been a whole year, when we first shifted up here I would just go whenever I wanted too.. now its carefully planned to the cheapest flights and the easiest way to travel with children. I am flying by myself with the 4 kids, will be interesting, but K and L are pretty independant now so it will be ok, and they have flown heaps now so the quite enjoy it.

So Home here we come.

ps no its not me in the photo its my sister, shes not my twin..... 


joven said...
June 14, 2010 at 8:10 AM

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