Spinning Babies

I have spent a while reading about this on the web of late, why? Because I am trying to spin a baby myself, what it is is when you are trying to move a bay in utero to a more favourable birth position, in my case we are trying to move from left occiput posterior to left occiput anterior.

And tonight it feels like the 6 hours I spent today might actually be paying off. I have been leaning on all fours against the swiss ball, sleeping on my left side, sitting with my pelvis tilted forward, any of the above for most of my day, and tonight baby feels like its more towards the front, its made some big movements tonight and I have actually felt the smaller movements come around.

Birthing posterior babies naturally is possible, it just takes longer and can be more painful hence the reason that I am spending time trying to move baby before I go into labour, posterior labours are generally less effective too which is another reason that I want bubs in the right place when things finally happen.

So I am hoping that at 39 wks (in 20 minutes time) we may have had some success and be in labour some time soon. D


Time to relax said...
November 16, 2009 at 11:52 PM

hi there Tanya here Cody's mum hehe, my sister had issues with her second boy being the wrong way and ended up going for a c section but her midwife said to place a cold pack of peas (or anything cold from freezer) wrapped in teatowel, at top of her tummy (as she was trying to move him down) and it worked but he did alwasy go back and at his birth it was found probalby cause he had the cord round his neck so could only go so far before having to go back again....good luck though hope bub turns for you

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