I did it, Ben was away from friday morning till late last night and I survived being home with the kids. I am quite proud of myself, its the first time I have been home alone here in palmy since K was little.

We had a nice weekend, spent time with friends, did some sewing (two funky new bags), and K had her first girls brigade church parade which was nice. I am a parttime/oncall leader with her company so was nice to see her as part of it now. She looked very cute in her wee pinafore and red sweatshirt.

we also helped Iain campaigning at the market, the girls were so funny, I had a couple of small hoardings to hold and let K have it for a while, then they started fighting over them so they ended up holding one each. k knows they say tick labour tick lees-galloway.... and knows that Helen clark is pm and belongs to labour. shes very proud that she can read the signs now.

So will say I am indoctrinating them, and maybe I am, but we all are indoctrinated in some way as children, for example to think that teachers are good, that god made everything, that drs will fix what is wrong. I have yet to decide how we will explain more about the election but as I have three weeks I had better get on to it.



Leon and Jaxx said...
October 22, 2008 at 10:14 AM

Yay you! Well done on not only getting through Ben being away but also getting out and about so much!

I loved GB as a girl, it makes me smile to think of K in her wee uniform parading :D

Azlemed said...
October 22, 2008 at 8:07 PM

mmm she does look very cute in her uniform, hows your wee fella, O is growing like a weed lol, and standing up with out holding anything which is really cool. D

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