creativity escaped....

had a really tiring day with the kids so havent done any sewing at all, a bit disappointed really but theres not much I could do about it really, lil man has both ears infected so is on antibiotics, and both the girls have colds so it really shouldnt surprise me that I didnt achieve anything at all.

I am hoping that I will get some time to do something tomorrow morning if ben takes the girls to the market to get veges etc, I really want to get something finished, but have been hindered too by the fact I have lost my pink thread that I need, I bought some more yesterday then stupidly left it on my machine when I took it to get fixed. So will change to blue lol, have got a t hsirt that needs its neckline redone, and two wee dresses for the girls to sew.

Have been reading kiwi craft blogs which are really neat, give good ideas for making things, like doilly t shirts and funky tea towel bags etc... there is so much happening out there its really cool to see.



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