I have friends lol

I have had a lovely week, I have spent a couple of days with a new friend of mine and her two wee kiddies, its been really nice having someone to talk to who is similar, and has kiddies the same age as my two youngest. so thanks Clare you are so lovely... I feel similar about another friend who I feel i have connected more with lately.

I have also made a couple of pieces of clothing and yesterday made baby slings for O and Clares wee fella, Nice red ones with black with white dots on the reverse, they are so funky....

I have also dropped my meds dosage to just a holding dose of 20mg, which is really nice, my anxiety is up a wee bit but I am working on lowering that.

And shock horror I have tidied my two living areas this morning and vaccuumed... so am feeling pretty good, next up is attacking the pile of washing.

Ben is away for the weekend doing a landmark forum. I dont know what I think of it, but it means I am home alone till monday morning which will be a huge test for me on how I cope with the kids etc. i also have planned to help with campaigning tomorrow morning, and have girls brigade parade at church for K on sunday morning, so enough to keep us busy.



Anonymous said...
October 17, 2008 at 10:44 AM

Sounds great! Sometimes it's just so satisying to tidy the house aye? Tragic as that is that cleaning can be good - I always feel things are more under control when there's not crap everywhere. Have a GREAT weekend and I hope you get some Demelza time too.

Azlemed said...
October 17, 2008 at 12:10 PM

somehow i think the me time will be limited to the evenings, have taken some pics of my latest work to add on flickr... have got funky fabric to make a baby bag too....

it does feel nice not to be in a muddle.

hope you have a nice weekend too... D

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