I was thinking about writing about the womens triathlon that I just watched, then I changed my mind.....

I managed to get through the weekend, cmh have promised to look into extra help for me which will be great. I watched far too much tv but I couldnt not watch our kiwi team win medals.

today my wee girl started kindy, I was prepared to be there for the afternoon, but after about 10 minutes i realised that she was happy and didnt actually need her mummy there, so O and I left. She had a great afternoon and was met after school by her big sister, it actually felt quite liberating to be dropping her off for the afternoon and know that I might get some time just for me.

so now three days a week I will just have our wee boy at home with me, its going to be nice just having him, and it will be great for L to meet new kids and have something just for her. Its a nice easy pick up trip too... K meets us outside kindy which is great, every school should have a kindy or daycare right next door, its much easier for us to collect them.

I have lots of plans for my 2 1/2hrs 3x per week, lets hope wee man listens and sleeps then lol.



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