has nothing changed in the last 10 yrs?

I have read and listened with disgust today to the news that National wants Mums on the DPB to go to work again, didnt they try this with very little success in the 1990's, do they really think we are so dumb that we want to see those who struggle anyway forced into low paying jobs, and their children into after school care?

It worries me to see the informal vote on stuff was for this policy, do we not care that women who are on the Dpb are being punished again for stuff that often hasnt been their own choice. The DPB was put in place to help those at the time they needed it, My grandma had to bring up three children on her own well before the DPB, and her choices were limited to jobs where bosses were able to take advantage of the situation.

I just hope that people see through all this and are able to make better choices on election day.

Rant over


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