Waiting game

I had my MRI last weekend and my Specialist should have the results by now of it, so I just wait till the 17th when I see him to discuss what was found or not found and what happens next. I am slightly freaked out about it as even though I want to know what is wrong so we can move on, I am also scared of knowing at the same time. The idea of MS is hard to handle, but I think it would be better than all the unexplained stuff I have at the moment. I worry about the impact of my health on our wee kids, it's hard having a continuous headache and not wanting too much noise or being tired a lot of the time, the elder two girls have been so grown up about it though, at 10 and 8 now they are more helpful and understanding and I am so lucky to have them.

But we have had some good things happening too, Mr O turned six last week, and Miss N was four on Monday! I started blogging when Mr O was a baby so I guess I have been doing this a while. Miss N is at full days Kindy which means I now have three school days a week to myself, I am taking a bit to get use to having no children around in the daytime, it's so quiet and strange.

All four kids have been skating this year, miss K set herself a goal of going to Nationals this year and with a lot of training and a supportive coaching team she got there. It was neat to see her set that goal and achieve it. Miss L has a new coach this year and her confidence is improving which is nice to see,  and the little two have started learning, a lot of the time they just muck around playing on their skates but Mr O is doing his first competition this weekend which is very exciting for him. He is skating to a piece by the Piano Guys called Cello Wars so I have had to sort out a Luke Skywalker costume for him, he looks very cute dressed up.

This is our last competition for the year and it will be nice to have a break from training and lessons, in the lead up to nationals miss K spent upto 12 hours a week skating and I spent a lot of time sitting watching and keeping the other children amused, we have all earned the break while we head south for Christmas.

Anyway it's past my bedtime and I should sleep, just felt the need to write a bit before I slept. Love D


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