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After struggling through most of this year I have decided to find my writing voice in the hope that it might make life somewhat easier, it's been one of those times when things could have been so much better, now life is pretty good, our kids are growing up so fast and becoming amazing people but my health which I thought was all good just isn't.

That all started in May with a splitting headache down one side of my head and a sore neck so I went to A&E to get checked out, I then found my arm was sore and it got worse from there. a CT scan revealed something not quite right so I then needed a MRI which has shown lesions in the right side of my brain.... Ok we thought this is pretty scary, by then my right leg wasn't able to hold my weight very well either and my foot was dragging. Freaky stuff at 36 years old.... I ended up spending over 14 days in hospital over two periods and was no further ahead in what was wrong.....

So now we fast forward a bit, it's November and I have been suffering with these headaches on one side of my head ever since then, the latest one has lasted 2 months. I have seen a neurologist and he prescribed migraine medications and sent me back to the care of my GP. Each medication hasn't worked, and after several months of this Ben and I made the decision to get a second opinion.

The second opinion meant we needed to go private, but it has been worth it. We saw the new specialist, he did a thorough neuro test of me and has many concerns about my lack of balance on the right, my over active reflexes, my continuous sore head, the weakness in my arm, so he recommended a second brain MRI so he can see what is happening or has changed since May.

It all sounds great, get an MRI, find out what is wrong, but private MRI cost money, which as a family of 6 we don't have a lot of so I have started fundraising using the amazing givealittle site. Asking for help is hard but I am doing it and so far we are 25% of the way to our goal of $2000.

Www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/MRIforDemelza is the link for my page,

So those are my problems, it will be ok I hope, one of the things the Dr is looking to confirm or rule out is Multiple sclerosis! it's scary stuff. We will cope though because that is what life is...

Love D


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