project 2011 10/52

mm what have I done this week...
  • I have fallen more in love with roller derby training even though its killing me lol
  • sewn a skirt from a pattern that I made, yay
  • been to Gisborne and back for Labour party stuff
  • been to pattern drafting course, am loving that too
  • lost 500 grams
  • decided to drop the number of breastfeeds Miss N gets
I am loving Roller derby/freshmeat training, its awesome, so physically challenging for me and its a real sense of achievement each time I learn something new. The weight loss is back on track, the skating is helping with that one. I am enjoying learning how to make patterns for sewing, I made a skirt today from my pattern and it fitted beautifully, I need to make some small adjustments to the length and to the curve on the hip otherwise its brilliant.

Love D


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