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yay, Benjamin is home, its been a busy week and its nice to have him back...

I have often read the paper and seen people in power slamming Mums on the DPb, saying that they choose to be on it etc, I have just spent the week parenting by myself with 4 children and I can't say I would be in a hurry to leave what I have just for the money.... it was damn hard work, I couldnt step out when things got to much, I had to do everything, when Ben is here I have the option of back up on issues, someone to take over, or to share the load.

Instead of slamming those women who are on the DPB we should be supporting them, its a tough job being a parent, and even tougher doing it on your own. We should be looking at flexible childcare arrangements if they want to work, we need to think about funding retraining again so that they can get off the DPB and work in meaningful employment if they want to, we should also be supporting their right to be at home with their children too... and thats not happening at all. Its not ok to say if you are on the DPB you should be looking for a job when your baby is 14 weeks old.. its better for that mum and baby if she is supported to look after that baby and has the help finacially to do it....

Its good occasionally to do things differently it gives you an appreciation for how things are.

love D


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