project 2011 5/52

wow its Thursday already, I really have no idea where that week has even gone.... so what have I achieved this week... mmmm

I finally finished the wee skirt I started 3 weeks ago for K.. its so cute, I have made 2 headbands for school, ummm lost a couple of cm's off my hips, got the girls back to school for the year with all the entails, and got O back to kindy with changed hours....

we achieved a family night away in Wellington which was so good, we really needed to have some fun together again after being so stressed recently.

I have dropped Miss N back to one feed at night and we are working on changing that too... Yay.

Not a bad week really when I write it all down.

And not that it was me, but the biggest achievement ever was the submission of Bens's thesis on Monday at Uni, yahoo.....
love D


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