rough patch

I have hit a low patch... I am pleased though that I saw it coming and have started taking my medication again, I had been off my anti depressants for 12 months which is the longest since I was 17 so I am really pleased about that, it shows that I can do ok with life. But things have been getting on top of me and my anxiety levels have been out of whack so I have started on my meds again. Its been 2 weeks now and they are slowly beginning to work which is good.

I am really pleased though that it wasn't Mum or Ben telling me I was low this time, I saw it coming and took action which was really good. I hate feeling like this and am hoping that once the meds kick in I will start feeling a lot better again, its so annoying I have so much in my life to be grateful for yet I feel like crap.... oh well maybe things will get better soon.

love D


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